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Logic’s Artist Silas Preys on Underage Girls as Label Remains Silent

Rapper Silas is accused of preying on underage girls.

Bobby Boy Records, a record label founded by rapper Logic, has had an interesting few months following sexual harassment accusations directed at Maryland rapper and signee Anthony Monroe Manco Jr., better known as Silas. Stemming from several incriminating posts from various women on Twitter, Silas was accused of exploiting his fame and relationship with Logic in exchange for sexually explicit messages and pictures with multiple fans, with some being as young as 15 years old at the time of their interactions.


Tweets and Media Shared by Several of Silas' Victims (All Tweets Are Linked):


The 22-year-old rapper seemingly confessed to his actions by apologizing in a Twitter post but then quickly retracted his statement and made his account private; most likely at the advice of legal counsel.

Silas' since-deleted Twitter apology to his victims.

Since then, there has been virtually no mention about the incidents from the official Bobby Boy social media accounts or Logic himself. In fact, there appears to be attempts at a cover up as the social media manager for Bobby Boy Records made a statement in regard to no longer being employed with the label without citing an explanation.

Social media manager Sermon announces his departure from Bobby Boy Records.

It is unknown at this time if this was a willing resignation or termination.

Following up on claims of a cover-up, there have also been several reports of shady practices happening behind the scenes of Logic’s Twitch streams. Silas was a known admin and moderator for Logic as he first began streaming in-lieu of his recent multimillion-dollar deal with Twitch. Once news broke out about Silas’ actions, fans naturally took to Twitch chat to try and find answers from Logic himself.

Unfortunately for these fans, they were met with swift bans from Logic’s streams.

The reason was that Silas had blacklisted his own name from the chat and anybody who made an attempt to mention his name would automatically be banned.

Several other well-known moderators in the community reported that they too had been banned from Logic’s streams entirely. Coincidentally, the ones who had been banned made posts on Twitter publicly condemning Silas’ actions.

One of the previously banned mods of Logic's stream denounces Silas' actions. Account redacted for privacy.

Since the allegations have surfaced, Silas has been nowhere to be seen amongst Logic’s Twitch chat with his account being seemingly inactive. However, a new rumor has surfaced claiming that the moderator “bobbysmod” is actually Silas under an alias due to claims of viewers being blocked for asking who bobbysmod is and/or mentioning Silas’ name in chat.

One of many users who reported being banned for asking about "bobbysmod".

Many fans, myself included, find it hard to believe that Logic is unaware of what is going on within his label. Despite his recent hiatus from social media, the rapper manages to stay up to date with the community and is seen being more active on his accounts recently in-lieu of recent financial disputes between his collaborators and his label Def Jam. The overall speculation is that Logic is having Silas keep his head down until the situation blows over.

This may prove to be rather difficult.

Logic’s fan base is a very devout one and their interactions with the rapper were mostly founded on a tight knit community with a focus on communication, transparency, and overall acceptance. As a byproduct of this relationship, many of Logic’s devout fans migrated to Silas as well. The problem with this relationship now is that the sudden lack of communication and transparency from both sides, coupled with shady tactics and behind the scenes manipulation, doesn’t exactly lend itself well to Silas and his career as it becomes more apparent that there is indeed something to hide.

It’s unfortunate too, as genuinely talented artists like up-and-coming Pop artists John Lindahl and Kajo, old-school Hip-Hop artist Big Lenbo, and rapper/producer Damian Lemar Hudson are all unwillingly wedged in the middle of this conflict as fans try to find answers and make sense of everything going on.

Bobby Boy Records does host some real and genuine talent but, unfortunately, the label finds itself in dire straits as it’s future appears somewhat unclear.

This is a developing story and updates will be posted to our Twitter (@MizRapNews) as they come out.

Written By: Michael Miserendino

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