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Follow-Up: Rapper Silas Addresses Allegations on Twitch Stream

Silas addresses accusations on stream that he was preying on underage girls.

Logic and Bobby Boy Records seem to be in the clear as ex-signee Silas addressed the numerous allegations surrounding him on stream on October 13 at 7 P.M. EST.

The 17-minute stream discussed some of the leaked text threads between Silas and the minors he was in contact with. While not denying the accusations, the rapper posted pictures of the text thread containing some messages that added more context to their private discussion. Another of the accusations involved Silas stalking a girl on her VSCO account. Silas claims he met her on Facebook where her posted birth year was 1999, making her out to be 20 years old; the same age as Silas.


Texts Posted By One of Silas' Accusers:

Silas' Messages Shared on Stream:


Silas’ defense for his actions was that he was “thirsty” and that the conversations were consensual with both women. However, he did issue appropriate apologizes to both parties saying that he genuinely apologized and that he didn’t mean for anyone to feel harassed by his actions.

The Maryland rapper also discussed another of the accusations surrounding him in regard to a past relationship where his ex-girlfriend exposed the rapper for past transgressions revolving around his character. His main defense for this was that he was “young”, given that he was 17 at the time and the anonymous ex was “an adult” of an unspecified age. Again, he did not deny the claims, but he did apologize to both his ex and the people his actions may have hurt or offended.

Silas also followed this up by saying that this was the only act that he was involved in where he knowingly was breaking the law.

He then went on to clear rapper Logic and Bobby Boy Records of any accountability, citing that he has “[his wife and child] to focus on.” He would follow this up by mentioning that Logic ripped up Silas’ Bobby Boy Records contract in front of him the day his original statement was posted and said that he “wanted nothing to do with [Silas] business-wise.”

Silas would also mention that he was retiring from rap and would never make music again.

To end the stream, the ex-Bobby Boy Records signee detailed a graphic car accident that resulted in him being incapacitated for several months where he took time to reflect on his actions following his near-death experience.

Silas did not make any statements regarding accusations about undelivered feature verses and the cancellation of merchandise refunding shortly after these allegations originally surfaced.

The link to the full stream will be posted below.

Full Stream:

Written By: Michael Miserendino

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Apr 15, 2021

oof silas was my cuz

May 09, 2022
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yo tell him slide that twitch name for some $$$. My name silas as well and i got 35k followers. would be dope

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